Street Style

Perfect for a day in Waikiki— navy blue, white and red capture a fun, nautical feel.

In Living Color

Design your beauty look with the bold hues of the rainbow for a pigment... More >

Fresh Take

Indi Ocean Indian Ocean White Tea & Ginger Perfume Oil $72 Fighting Eel Clean,... More >

Quick Fix

Take care of skin problems in no time with these powerful beauty rescue products.

Coming Up Roses

The fresh spring smell of the rose, a flower that symbolizes love and beauty,... More >


Get a true taste of Hawai’i at this long-time restaurant. Whether it’s your first time to the islands or if you’re a regular, a definite must-do when you come to Hawai’i is to eat... More >

Twisted Tea

RumFire takes a tradition to the next level. Get ready to let your hair—and... More >

Tokyo with Aloha

Like a precious pearl nestled within an oyster, Jinroku Pacific is a treasure waiting... More >

Taste the World

Hawai’i is a melting pot of cuisines brought from cultures and peoples the world... More >

Get Fresh

Fresco Italian Restaurant puts a fresh spin on traditional Italian cuisine, combining Mediterranean favorites... More >

Below the Surface

Swim with the fishes without getting soaked! Get a fisheye view of the waters off Waikiki with Atlantis Submarines. This unique tour takes you and your family—via one of the world’s most technologically advanced... More >

Hula For All

This Waikiki hula show features some of Hawai’i's finest performers—and it’s free! A visit... More >

History on the High Seas

Paddle out and around Waikiki Beach in a double-hull canoe and relive this ancient... More >

The Wizard of Waikiki

See what John Hirokawa has up his sleeve during Magic of Polynesia. Magic of... More >

Chasing Sunsets

Sailing on the ocean, watching the sunset and relaxing with a drink in hand—is... More >

Star Voyager

Hokule’a‘s around-the-world journey will begin this year, traveling the oceans just as the ancient Polynesians did—by stars, skies and swells. Before turn-by-turn directions on your smartphone, before GPS devices that could be installed on... More >

In the Know

Get the inside track on what to see and do straight from the experts—... More >

Eye Candy

Freaky Tiki Tropical Optical partners Mark Babin and Marshall Marumoto put aloha and fun... More >

Off the Beaten Path: Life Aquatic

It may be tempting for some to think of Waikiki Aquarium as a tourist... More >

New Star on the Block

The newest Hilton Grand Vacations Club property, Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations Club,... More >