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Take a Walk on the Intimate Side

Romance Abounds In Waikiki What could be more romantic than cozying up to your significant other at a beachfront, candlelit table as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean, mere steps away? This is a common experience at Azure restaurant… More >


A Longtime Favorite Expands What is it about eating breakfast in the middle of the day (or for dinner) that we find so appealing? Is it that we’re “breaking the rules,” so to speak? Or, maybe it’s the idea of… More >

Power Booster in a Bowl

Acai is known as a South American “super food,” high in anti-oxidants, which lowers risks of heart disease and cancer. Diamond Health Cove Bar offers a “mana bowl,” which is topped off with local honey, slices of locally grown apple… More >

Chinese, If You Please

P.F. Chang’s Stirs Up Tantalizing, Family-Style Fare With more than 150 restaurants around the world, P.F. Chang’s has literally become a household name. So when the purveyor of Chinese-American bistro-style cuisine opened its Waikiki location, it was destined for success…. More >

Kenny’s Hawaiian Express

Kenny’s Restaurant has been a favorite for kama‘aina for almost 50 years. Known for Hawai‘i-style comfort food, it’s a great place to head for a taste of the Islands. That’s why so many welcomed the opening of Kenny’s Hawaiian Barbeque… More >

Custom Comfort Food

The Hot Dog Gets Reinvented Are you in need of some comfort food? Hank’s Haute Dogs offers up some of the most delicious Americana fare, albeit with a twist. Founded by Mobil Guide Five-star rated restaurateur Hank Adaniya (this local… More >

Oodles of Noodles

Japan’s favorite dish has found a home in the Islands. We all did the instant ramen “diet” in college to save money and time—but the art of real, exquisite ramen, which hails from Japan, is proliferating here in Waikiki. These… More >

Angel on the Ave.

Victoria’s Secret “angel” Alessandra Ambrosio We caught up with Victoria’s Secret “angel” and globetrotting supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio at the opening of Waikiki’s first eponymous store, prominently located in the heart of the Kalakaua shopping district. After an exclusive shoot on… More >

Watch Out!

New Watch Finds Around Town It’s high time you separated from the pack with an over-the-top, elegant timepiece. Lucky for you the DFS Galleria Waikiki smack dab in Waikiki has the most intriguing watches in the state—as well as some… More >

Spot Check: Neo Plaza

From supplements that promise softer skin and longer hair, to a collection of colorful nail polish selections and brands that enjoy a cult-like following, this cosmetic store has practically everything to keep you in top shape. You can even pick… More >

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