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Burger Bonanza

Calling all burger devotees—we’ve got just the place for you. As its name implies, this eatery specializes in creating mouthwatering cheeseburgers in a variety of ways. And with three locations just in Waikiki, a hot, juicy burger is just a… More >

Sporting Good Times

By Matthew Wells Find the perfect place to catch the game. Buffalo Wild Wings The Vibe: There’s a reason why the BWW franchise is so popular, it’s a casual, family-friendly place that combines a restaurant with a sports bar and… More >

Day at the Museum

Along the bustling streets of Kalakaua and ‘Ohua Avenues is a little-known museum that houses an important piece of Hawai‘i’s spiritual history. An unassuming flight of stairs fronting St. Augustine-by-the-Sea Church leads to the second floor where the Damien and… More >

Surf’s Up!

Waikiki’s relationship with surfing goes beyond its sandy beaches and fantastic surfing spots. This neighborhood also houses a unique museum that highlights the impact surfing has on Hawai‘i and the rest of the world. Step into the Honolulu Surfing Museum… More >

An Unlikely Ambassador

Among the 500 marine species that call the Waikiki Aquarium home, Hawaiian monk seal Ho‘ailona, also known as KP2, is by far one of the more popular. A recent book published about KP2 (Kauai Pup 2). The Odyssey of KP2… More >

Boatful of Fun

If you’re looking to get more than just your feet wet, head out to sea and make a splash! Taking advantage of one of the many boat-based activities that O‘ahu has to offer is a great way to enjoy the… More >

Modern Mid-Rise

For those who consider Waikiki to be more than just a vacation destination, there are plenty of properties to choose from when it comes to owning a piece of paradise. From quaint cottages to sophisticated high-rises and everything else in… More >

Off the Beaten Path

Just a short walk from Waikiki hotel rooms and all the commercialized aspects of tourism that line Kalakaua Avenue, Hawaiian music entertainer Troy Fernandez shares his aloha by offering up free street concerts. It’s a gift to watch Fernandez, who… More >

Action Packed

Hawaii Five-0‘s all-star cast

Views of Aloha

By Maria K. Regan These Outrigger Reef corner suites offer endless ocean vistas and warm Hawaiian charm. For easy luxury that captures all there is to love about Hawai‘i’s enchanting scenery and culture, look no farther than the deluxe one-bedroom… More >

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