Precious Pampering

January 24, 2012 | By Waikiki Magazine Team

Tailored Treatments at The Spa

The Trump name conveys world-class. Add to that exclusive partnerships with the likes of celebrity skin health expert Kate Somerville, Gemstone Services and products by Shiffa as well as other leading spa names, and you have a recipe for high-profile pampering.

Treatments here are based on the inspiring “Personal Intentions,” which include Purify, Balance, Revitalize, Calm or Heal. Mindfulness and massage are fused in concert here, where the first question posed to those experiencing its signature Gemstone Treatment is: “What are your wellness intentions?”

“It’s based on how you want to feel when you leave,” says spa supervisor Bridgette DeVore.

Upon entering the spa, guests are invited to choose from one of five intentions, or avenues you’d like to explore. From that point, every aspect of treatment—from the tea served, to oil and music selections used during massage—is based on that preference.

Although it would seem difficult to choose from such an enticing menu, DeVore says the choice is usually easy.

“If people come in frenzied, they usually want to calm or heal. If they need perking up before a big meeting, they usually want to revitalize,” DeVore notes.

The Gemstone Treatment utilizes precious gem-infused oils (custom blended in Dubai), which contain diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Each stone’s color and physical properties complement a variety of intentions: blue sapphire is used in calming rituals, while purifying emeralds are used for lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Unique to the Waikiki spa are treatments utilizing traditional Hawaiian botanicals and healing techniques to alleviate the stress and pressure of Trump’s typically fast-paced, jet-setting executive clientele.

The Hawaiian Nani ‘U Im‘alie treatment combines two of Hawai‘i’s most revered plants: kalo (taro) and niu (coconut), sources of sustenance for body and soul. Treatment begins with a warm, fragrant foot cleanse followed by body exfoliation using pure Hawaiian cane sugar, coconut and kukui nut oil, for a combination of cleansing and rehydration.

Next, you’ll be immersed in a nurturing body mask with a rich blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymes (found in kalo), Hawaiian honey and coconut milk. While your skin takes in the nourishment, you’ll also enjoy a relaxing scalp and foot massage.

The treatment ends with a soak in a Hawaiian floral-filled bath finished with a luxurious application of moisturizing coconut body butter.