The Suite Life

January 24, 2012 | By Waikiki Magazine Team

An Experience Befitting Heaven Awaits at Halekulani

Whether you have plans to indulge in one of the finest accommodation options in Waikiki or just like to see how your favorite A-lister movie star likes to bed down here in paradise, this next bit is for you.

Three years ago, the elegant Halekulani hotel transformed a storied space into the expansive (2,365 square feet) Orchid Suite, which sits separate from the hotel’s main structure, and is actually a part of the original 1920s bungalow that anchors the property. What was once “Cottage Seven,” unofficially the honeymoon suite (and the former site of the Lewers family residence), the design team that envisioned this suite took the key elemental values at Halekulani—Wellness, Connoisseur and Masterworks—and folded them into the luxurious yet welcoming space.

The Orchid Suite features a full spa within its master bath, a kitchen replete with Sub-Zero-Wolf appliances, a plush living area topped with a private lanai/ outdoor dining room a stone’s throw from the tranquil Waikiki waters and a state-of-the-art entertainment room.

It is in this last mention that the hotel’s management is eager to tout its accomplishment. A representative from famed piano (and musical equipment) company Steinway Lyngdorf spent a week in the room fine-tuning the first-ever hotel suite equipped with the Steinway & Sons Model M Architectural Home Speak System. In essence, the speakers actually “sense” where a listener is within the room, and adjust the sound direction to maximize the experience. A 24-karat gold remote control puts the guest in control of the room, from the lighting to the digital surround-sound that puts movie theater viewing to shame.

Additional perks of occupying this epic dwelling include the option of having the hotel’s legendary executive chef, world-renowned Vikram Garg, prepare a customized dining experience for you and your entourage. If you like, he’ll even give a demonstration or teach you how to prepare your favorite dish, in unison with wine pairings from the hotel’s in-house sommelier. Recently, Kanye West and members of U2 experienced this.

Finally, access to the hotel’s chauffeured Bentley, the ability to have spa technicians in-suite (without compromising treatments, thanks to the bathroom suite’s technology) and picture-perfect skyline, ocean and Diamond Head vistas from the foot of your plush, king-sized bed make for an experience truly befitting heaven.