Day at the Museum

December 4, 2012 | By Natalie Tarce

Photo: Natalie Tarce

Along the bustling streets of Kalakaua and ‘Ohua Avenues is a little-known museum that houses an important piece of Hawai‘i’s spiritual history. An unassuming flight of stairs fronting St. Augustine-by-the-Sea Church leads to the second floor where the Damien and Marianne of Molokai Heritage Center is housed. Inspiring prayers by Saints Damien and Marianne are positioned right by the entrance, which greets visitors as they begin their tour.

Called Absolute Faith, the exhibit displays some rare prints and artworks that offer a unique and compelling glimpse of life on Kalaupapa on Moloka‘i where those afflicted with Hansen’s disease were exiled. Opened to the public just a year ago, this exhibit celebrates and honors the life and ministry of Saints Damien and Marianne Cope who both dedicated their lives serving the people of Moloka‘i.

The Heritage Center is managed by St. Augustine-by-the-Sea Church under the supervision of Fr. Lane Akiona. It also sells religious items, souvenirs and books about Saint Damien. Entrance is free and all sales and donations go towards building a more permanent museum for Saint Damien and Marianne.

130 ‘Ohua Ave.
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(808) 923-7024