Extreme Makeover: Diamond Head Edition

September 1, 2012 | By Stephanie Killion

Photo: Deborah L. Ward

Hawai‘i’s most recognized feature is continuing to flourish due to its recent trail makeover. Diamond Head State Monument is loved by both visitors and residents alike, with an astonishing 800,000 visitors a year. Now, hiking up Diamond Head has never been better due to the trail upgrades and enhancements it’s received. Improvements include a reinforced path in areas affected by erosion, the stabilization of rocks to reduce rock fall hazards, spacious new picnic areas and a new visitor’s center. Even the notorious traffic jam at the top of the summit has been eased with the addition of a one-way loop, routing hikers back down the trail. Now visitors can navigate down the crater without getting stuck at the top. Diamond Head has long been a “must-see” among island visitors and will no doubt continue to attract thousands of eager hikers wanting to enjoy the sweeping views of O‘ahu’s south shore.

Diamond Head State Monument
Diamond Head Road