Surf’s Up!

June 5, 2012 | By Stephanie Killion

The Waikiki Beach Boys are as legendary as Waikiki Beach itself. They were the first acting unofficial ambassadors of aloha to the islands and its visitors. Today, the Beach Boys continue that legacy through Waikiki Beach Services, which provides stellar customer service and a “first-class water activity experience.” Not only do the Beach Boys offer visitors a fun-filled day out in the water, but also they continue to perpetuate the beautiful traditions and culture of Hawai‘i.

Waikiki Beach Services offers a variety of thrilling lessons and activities for a perfect day out on the water. Whether it’s surf or stand-up paddle lessons that you crave, the expert water-men are happy to show you how it’s done. Other activities include energizing outrigger canoe rides, and relaxing catamaran sailing aboard the Kepoikai.

Want to do it all? Make your experience in Waikiki truly unique with a Beach Boy Valet. A guided tour of the ocean with a Beach Boy Valet is sure to fill your day with unforgettable memories and allow you to experience Waikiki in the best way possible—like a bona fide Beach Boy.

2259 Kalakaua Ave. (Beach Side)
(808) 388-1510