Angel on the Ave.

January 24, 2012 | By Brian Berusch

Victoria’s Secret “angel” Alessandra Ambrosio

We caught up with Victoria’s Secret “angel” and globetrotting supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio at the opening of Waikiki’s first eponymous store, prominently located in the heart of the Kalakaua shopping district.

After an exclusive shoot on the beach (where we got a peek at the new VS swimsuit collection, graciously modeled by Ambrosio) she took us around the new Hawai‘i flagship store, where we pressed her about her favorite aspect of the Islands.

“I love surfing. Waikiki for me is the best place to surf. I wish I could do that every day of my life,” Ambrosio told Waikiki magazine. “I love every time I come here. It’s such a special place. I love the energy.”

When she’s not strutting the runway in Victoria’s Secret or out promoting the brand, she sneaks in some shopping.

“My favorite gift—that has a meaning behind it—was actually a gift I bought for myself. I bought a Yves Saint Laurent bag, and then bought a mini version of the same bag for my 3-year-old daughter.”

Victoria’s Secret Waikiki
2230 Kalakaua Ave. [C:7 Waikiki map]
(808) 922-6565

Photos: Leah Friel