Bronze Ambition

September 1, 2012 | By Nadine Kam

Even the fairest of the fair can faux a perfect tan! Here are products for any skin tone.

There’s a reason why people set a goal of returning from Hawai‘i sporting a darker shade of skin. First, there are the bragging rights. I was on vacation; you weren’t. Too bad. Gloating aside, a bit of bronze can also wake up tired, pallid skin and make a person look healthier and more energized. You can accentuate that tan and keep the illusion going long after you return home, with bronzing products to suit any skin tone. Choose a hue no more than two shades darker than your skin, and remember that bronzers look most natural when applied to raised areas that see the most sun: forehead, cheeks and chin, with a light touch on the nose. However, if you start to resemble a particular “Tan Mom” who has made recent headlines, perhaps you’ve gone too far.