County Cool

September 1, 2012 | By Sarah Pacheco

It’s hard not to stop and smile at Pine Chan and Pine Kun, the two pineapple-capped anime figures standing outside the trendy Waikiki retailer Pineapple County. “They’re our store mascots,” says store manager Monica Wakida. “Customers seem to really enjoy them— they’re just so cute!” Opened in 2001, the popular and stylish boutique carries an ever-changing selection of women’s clothing and accessories from popular brands like Billabong, Lucy Love, Obey, Motel Rock, Insight, SIWY, Cameron and Junk Food. Pineapple County also has its own line of T-shirts, totes, makeup bags and lunch bags featuring Pine Chan and Pine Kun. “It’s a trendy and fun boutique where we have everything,” Wakida says. “We mostly cater to women, but we also carry men’s original T-shirts and men’s brand T-shirts from Insight, Junk Food, Obey and others.” There also is a small selection of children’s clothing and accessories as well as goods for the home and office. “We’re always putting out new stuff every other day,” Wakida notes. “We’re constantly changing things up.”

Pineapple County
342 Lewers St. [B:7 Waikiki Map]
(808) 926-8245