Into the Wood

April 2, 2012 | By Natalie Tarce

Some of the most beautiful pieces in Hawaiian decor are made from koa. It is valued for its hardness, strength and rich golden colors that range from light to dark. Koa wood has vibrant grain markings and often comes with a high degree of curl. Once reserved only for Hawaiian royalty, koa wood is just as treasured today and is made into fine furniture, bowls, crafts and even musical instruments.

Other types of high-quality wood also are finding a spot in island decor. Milo wood is prized by bowl and utensil makers for its attractive grain and polish. Norfolk pine lends itself to delicate and translucent pieces such as bowls or calabashes that seem to glow with an inner light. Kou is traditionally used in calabashes, and kamani is another wood used extensively for food platters and the like. Lastly, ‘ohi‘a, which ranges from pale brown to a dark reddish brown hue, is a very hard wood that is suited for flooring, furniture and cabinets. These great varieties of wood have resulted in unique pieces designed to enhance the beauty of any home or office.

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