The Balm Squad

October 1, 2012 | By Nadine Kam

All-in-one BB creams simultaneously deliver flawless coverage and skin benefits to boot!

BB cream, long the beauty secret of the Far East, is taking over beauty counters now that Western cosmetic companies have introduced their own versions of the popular multi-tasking makeup.

Short for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm,” BB cream was originally developed in Germany as a post-laser treatment balm, but became wildly popular in Asia during the 1980s, where it was promoted as the secret of celebrities’ flawless skin. The average woman on the street also appreciated its all-in-one convenience, serving as moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.

That one-step application makes it perfect for travelers who can’t be bothered with their usual multi-product routine while on the road, or toting several bottles of liquid cosmetics that rouse the suspicion of TSA agents.

Today, every major brand is offering a BB cream, and not to be outdone, even high-end label Chanel is said to be working on its own unique “CC” cream.