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Jean-Pierre Cercillieux

Executive Vice President and General Manager The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel Waikiki is a fascinating place! I am captivated by the concentration of businesses and buildings that could be compared with a mainland city, but on an inviting white… More >

Personalized Pearls

Ever feel like you’re trying to find beautiful pearl and beach-inspired jewelry, but only come across thing-a-ma-bobs that don’t match your style? Fear not, for your search for that buried treasure is over! At Pick A Pearl, you have the… More >

Asia Major

It’s a Far East food extravaganza at Japengo. Japengo chef Michael Imada has managed to delicately balance the multi-Asian fare at the Hyatt eatery by spotlighting the top one or two dishes from ports like Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila and… More >

Welcome to the Beachhouse

The Moana Surfrider restaurant transports you to sunny days and provides an unforgettable dining experience. Even in Waikiki, winter makes its presence known. With the menu offerings at Beachhouse, it’s hard not to think of warm, breezy, lazy summer days… More >

The Legacy of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

The timeless beauty of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is enhanced by a rich tradition that connects the wearer to Queen Lili‘uokalani, the Hawaiian monarchy and its close ties with England. In 1862, news of the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s… More >

Yamaguchi Style

By Lesa Griffith Roy’s Waikiki gives diners a taste of the Pacific Rim. Hawai‘i has its share of celebrity chefs, but only one has a presence in Waikiki—Roy Yamaguchi. One of the founders of the Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine movement in… More >

Passage to India

Looking for an Indian restaurant in an intimate atmosphere? Then head over to Little India located at the ground floor of the Waikiki Landmark across from the Hawai‘i Convention Center. Little India serves North Indian cuisine such as chicken tikka… More >

How Convenient

Find out why Waikiki’s sundry stores are so popular. Every traveler knows that sinking feeling you get when you realize, after checking into your hotel following a long flight, that you forgot your toothbrush. Every beachgoer knows what it’s like… More >

Sugar Rush!

Indulge in decadent desserts, creamy concoctions and more. The call of your sweet tooth starts off innocently enough. At first it’s just a passing thought, a yummy idea, but then it builds. Before you know it, there’s nothing short of… More >

Get Wild

Located next to Kapi‘olani Park, the Honolulu Zoo is a little jungle escape in the midst of Waikiki’s resort environs. It was established in 1876 as part of King Kalakaua’s grant of royal lands to the people (the only such… More >

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