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Now You See Me

Wave “hello” your buddies back home and have them see you do it in real time! Thanks to the Hawai’i State government’s two cameras in Waikiki—which connect to a live feed on the Internet—visitors can say “aloha” and show off… More >

Off the Beaten Path: See the Light

Former Secretary of State and First Lady and U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton likely wasn’t the first celebrity in Waikiki to be bowled over by the region’s iconic torch lighting ceremony. A video of a half-clothed Hilton Hawaiian Village torchbearer… More >

The Waikiki Insider

Visitor tips from someone in the know! Born and raised in Honolulu, I grew up in Waikiki. From long-board and tandem surfing at Queen’s break as a keiki (child) to dining at oceanfront restaurants as an adult, there is so… More >

A World of Wonders: Waikiki’s International Market Place

Delve into the history and beginnings of this Waikiki institution, and find out about its plans for the future. Imagine it is 1957, over a half-century ago, and your family has packed their bags and boarded a Pan Am airplane… More >

Healing Hands

Experience Hawaiian lomilomi massage, and leave feeling relaxed and balanced. Lomilomi, traditionally meaning “to rub, knead, press and massage,” is now commonly used to refer to a style of massage unique to Hawai’i, incorporating long, rhythmic, gliding strokes over the… More >

Into the Blue

Maybe it was the eyes seen at Chanel’s Resort 2014 or maybe it was the sight of the Pacific Ocean meeting the sand at Waikiki Beach, but we just can’t get enough of blue, inspiring the look of our eyes… More >

Glitter, Glimmer and Glam

This holiday season, let the light and sparkle shine on you! Man Up Get immediate skin results— moisturized, soothed and smoothed texture—from this new lotion formula that helps defend skin from damaging environmental effects and prevents signs of aging for… More >

Rescue Me

These miracle-working products will have the problem fixed in no time! Calm Down Comfort and soothe skin, and reduce redness instantly with this blend of botanicals featuring organically grown calendula that also restores the skin’s natural defenses as well as… More >

Bright Ideas

Experience a rainbow of bold colors with these fun and playful home and gift items.

Tori Tori Tori

Since 1956, the Tori Richard brand has been a part of fashion and design in Hawai’i, providing customers here and around the world with resort wear and alohawear. Today’s Tori Richard continues in its tradition of quality styles and textile… More >

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