Ahoy, Matey!

September 5, 2013 | By Christina O Connor


Sail the waters off of Waikiki and enter the pirate life.

If you’re looking for some adventure on the high seas, one Waikiki boat trip will have you enjoying more than just the stunning scenery. Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures takes passengers on a playful escapade through the Waikiki waters with a crew of rowdy pirates.

“You get to be a pirate for an hour and a half!” says Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures owner Greg Longnecker.

Launching Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures has been Longnecker’s dream for the last five years. The boat sailed into port a couple months ago, offering cruises daily—an adventure trip during the day and a 21-and-over cruise at night.

No matter which trip you take, Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures provides a high-energy, interactive experience.

During the daytime trips, the pirates put on a show, boasting of their conquests, showcasing a little pirate humor (think ‘Arrr’ and rum jokes) and often involving the audience in their antics like plundering a rival ship. But be careful, those who cross the captain may have to swab the deck or end up in the stocks. The 21-andover cruise features a DJ and a light show—put together by the same team that coordinated the lighting at the Bellagio water fountain.

“The feedback we have been getting is great,” Longnecker says. “It just brings out the kids in everyone—even adults. It makes you feel like a kid again.”

In a lower cabin, find food, beverages and souvenirs available for purchase.

Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures
Kewalo Basin Harbor
1085 Ala Moana Blvd. (Slip P for Pirate)
(808) 593-AHOY