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September 5, 2013 | By Christina O Connor
Photo: Courtesy LeBlank Art

Photo: Courtesy LeBlank Art

In the midst of opening his Waikiki gallery LeBlank Art earlier this summer, artist Shane Bowden was already brainstorming ideas for an upcoming project as he sat sketching in his studio one morning. It seems that Bowden never has any shortage of inspiration.

In LeBlank, which is comprised of six individual collections, Bowden showcases his versatility as an artist. Originally from Australia, Bowden opened the first LeBlank there in 2007. The Waikiki location celebrated its grand opening in August, and Bowden has plans to open a string of others—in Lahaina, Las Vegas and Miami.

For each collection, Bowden worked under an alter ego, adopting various personas from which to create his work.

“I enjoy all types of art, and to keep it interesting for myself was another goal,” he says. “I have an appreciation and a love for abstract art and minimalism, as well as figurative and pop art. And I thought, why can’t I do all of that?”

Mofisto features graffiti-style pieces. A couple of his favorite works from this set features paintings of Truman Capote And Hunter S. Thompson—”Cuppa With Capote” and “Love Your Work Hunter”—featuring abstract renderings of the authors.

S&B features abstract expressionism, using bold colors and movement.

A tribute to Andy Warhol, Aw.then.tik.8.ed features silkscreens of iconic images set against vibrant colors. One of the most popular pieces from LeBlank is found in this collection: Chanel bottles amid various backdrops—a collage of magazine clippings or animal print, for example.

Yves Kaiser showcases figurative realism pieces. These include stark images like “Float Like A Butterfly,” of a gun painted with bright butterflies set against a black background.

In Bakku-Shane, Bowden creates his own twist on pop art, taking black-and-white images of the past and infusing them with bright colors.

The Shane Bowden signature collection encapsulates a variety of styles. In one series in the collection, Bowden displays dreamy versions of recognizable locales by juxtaposing city scenes with his own neon images.

Bowden says that he aims for LeBlank to have a sort of museum feel—anybody can walk in and look around. For those who are interested in purchasing a piece, art consultants will be on hand to assist.

LeBlank Art
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