Personalized Pearls

February 1, 2013 | By Brittany Atiburcio


Ever feel like you’re trying to find beautiful pearl and beach-inspired jewelry, but only come across thing-a-ma-bobs that don’t match your style? Fear not, for your search for that buried treasure is over!

At Pick A Pearl, you have the chance to create your own pearl jewelry. Choose from an assortment of oysters presented to you, each carrying one pearl (or possibly two) that can come in cream, pink or dark charcoal. But before you can open the oyster to discover your pearl, the Pick A Pearl staff will do a special “Aloha Blessing” for good luck. Once your pearl is revealed in the open oyster, you can choose a setting to showcase your new gem. From necklaces to rings and earrings to simple pendants, your new custom jewelry will surely be special and unique to you. So don’t anchor yourself in the typical shell lei. Instead, create your own treasure from Hawai‘i to last you a lifetime.

Pick A Pearl
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