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Best Dress

Start your day in Waikiki wearing a new dress for spring—this season’s dresses feature patterns, textures and details that will turn heads. Fashion Editor: Yu Shing Ting Photographer: Leah Friel Model: Moani Hara Hair and Makeup Artist: Kecia Littman of… More >


Get a true taste of Hawai’i at this long-time restaurant. Whether it’s your first time to the islands or if you’re a regular, a definite must-do when you come to Hawai’i is to eat some traditional Hawaiian foods. Among the… More >

Twisted Tea

RumFire takes a tradition to the next level. Get ready to let your hair—and put your pinkies—down. RumFire’s Spiked Tea brings the genteel habit of yesteryear straight into the new millennium. As RumFire asserts, “This is not your tutu‘s (Hawaiian… More >

Tokyo with Aloha

Like a precious pearl nestled within an oyster, Jinroku Pacific is a treasure waiting to be discovered at the Pacific Monarch Hotel. First opened in Tokyo in 1989, Jinroku is known for its deliciously authentic Japanese teppan that is only… More >

Star Voyager

Hokule’a‘s around-the-world journey will begin this year, traveling the oceans just as the ancient Polynesians did—by stars, skies and swells. Before turn-by-turn directions on your smartphone, before GPS devices that could be installed on your car dashboard, even before travelers… More >

Below the Surface

Swim with the fishes without getting soaked! Get a fisheye view of the waters off Waikiki with Atlantis Submarines. This unique tour takes you and your family—via one of the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarines—on an undersea adventure. Starting… More >

Taste the World

Hawai’i is a melting pot of cuisines brought from cultures and peoples the world over, and nowhere is this international fusion of tastes better on display than at Wai’olu Ocean View Lounge in the luxury Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach… More >

Get Fresh

Fresco Italian Restaurant puts a fresh spin on traditional Italian cuisine, combining Mediterranean favorites with a tropical island flair. The menu is a collaborative effort of award-winning Chef Kentaro Torii and Executive Chef Rodhel Ibay, who infuse the distinct flavors… More >

Chocolate Dreams

From the cacao tree comes chocolate—and in every form found in Waikiki, it’s delicious, delightful and just plain heavenly. It’s gooey, it’s melty, it’s powdery, moist, crunchy, rich, dark and milky, velvety brown and ivory white. If ever there were… More >

Beer + Bites

Opened just a year ago, Sway Restaurant + Bar, in the lobby of the Stay Hotel Waikiki, is a sleek addition to the bar scene in Waikiki. You might come for the drinks, but you’ll stay for the food. Sway’s… More >

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