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Farm Fresh

For an authentic local dining experience, try these dishes that use ingredients from farms right here in Hawai‘i. Farm-to-table shouldn’t be a buzzword, nor should it be a trend. Eating fresh, local foods and ingredients is how families and communities… More >

Off the Walls

A unique feature of Waikiki Beach—walls, aka the Kapahulu Groin—holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. When most people imagine the beaches of Waikiki, they don’t think of concrete walls. But the truth is that… More >

Hues of Spring

Find a rainbow of colors in this season’s dresses—perfect for day into night. About the setting Urban elegance and sophistication drive the design of Hilton Grand Vacation Club’s newest property, Hokulani Waikiki. Opened December 2013, Hokulani Waikiki is an oasis… More >

Surfing: Hawaii’s Gift to the Sporting World

There’s no escaping the culture of surfing here on O‘ahu—it’s a part of the fabric of the island. And although you might think the bright-colored board shorts, dozens of surfboard shapes and endless surf-inspired apparel are “what it’s all about,”… More >

Around The World

Settle in for cozy Thai cuisine served “Keo’s style” at Keoni by Keo’s. Keoni specializes in casual with a touch of elegance. Sophisticated aloha flourishes through its vast tropical painting collection, fresh orchid décor, indoor/ outdoor corner seating—ideal for people-watching—and… More >

Tonkatsu Times Two

Ever since Kimukatsu opened its Waikiki location in March 2012, the debate between whose tonkatsu— the newcomer’s, or perennial favorite, Ginza Bairin—reigns supreme has been constant food for fodder to fans of the Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet. We’d like to… More >

Chasing Rainbows

Rainbows are a near-daily sighting in Hawai‘i, and at Rainbow Drive-In, you’re guaranteed to find a treasure waiting for you. Just remember the phrase “ROY G BIV,” and keep an eye peeled for the multi-colored panels on the building at… More >

Eat Local

The name might sound a little strange, but there’s nothing but good things being cooked up at Goofy Cafe & Dine. New to the Waikiki dine scene (the surfer-style café opened in late 2013 in the second floor space at… More >

Still Off the Charts

After 46 years, the venerable Chart House is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Waikiki never stops. The storied strip has undergone so many renovations; anyone who left in the ‘60s and returned today might not even recognize it…. More >

First Meal

Don’t forget breakfast—and how could you, with so many delicious dishes! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And just because you’re in vacation mode doesn’t mean you should neglect morning meals in favor of sleeping… More >

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