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Fruit Factory

Hustling down Beachwalk, you will likely miss one of Waikiki’s hidden gems. Henry’s Place, a family owned and operated produce stand, is a treasure trove of frozen and freshly cut fruity treats, tucked away on Beach-walk Street. Renowned “ReaLicious” sorbet,… More >

Tropical Tea

The Veranda refashions its Afternoon Tea menu into three tiers of sophisticated canap├ęs. Sipping tea by the seashore simulates a leisure activity of eras past— when heiresses, royals and aristocrats donning petticoats filled the breezy halls of “The First Lady… More >

Fourever Fab!

No matter where The Beatles tribute group Fourever Fab performs in the world, they find one thing to be consistent: People everywhere know every word to all The Beatles songs—even in non-English speaking countries. “There is definitely a universal demand… More >

Beautiful Le‘ahi

Hawai‘i’s most recognized feature is continuing to flourish due to its recent transformation of the Fort Ruger Pathway and new Bryan Clay Exercise Park. Diamond Head State Monument is loved by both visitors and residents alike—an astonishing over 900,000 people… More >

Wifi Hotspot!

We live in an age of technology. Not only do we connect face-to-face, but we also connect wirelessly. Royal Hawaiian Center understands our need for connectivity, and now offers free Oceanic Time Warner Cable WiFi on floors two and three…. More >

Tropic Tales

Audiences discover the majestic wonders of Polynesia at “Te Moana Nui: Tales of the Pacific.” “Te Moana Nui,” translated as “the vast ocean,” symbolizes the massive waters that connect the people of Polynesia. A wondrous realm of captivating tales from… More >

Mele Memories

Experience storytelling through Hawaiian music across Waikiki. For true Hawaiian music, stop in at Kani Ka Pila Grille at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach where you’ll hear phenomenal island music by award-winning musicians every night of the week from… More >

Zoo School

The Honolulu Zoo plays home to many amazing creatures, and the establishment graciously offers guided tours along its 300-acre plot of land during the day so visitors can learn about animals more in depth. Hale Mai tours started earlier this… More >

Strummin’ Soul

Kainalu is the perfect soundtrack to an idyllic Hawaiian sunset. When you come to Hawai‘i, one thing you must do while you’re here in paradise is to take in a romantic sunset on Waikiki Beach. Imagine soft music, strong, slushy… More >

To The East

P.F. Chang’s stirs up tantalizing, family-style fare. With more than 150 restaurants around the world, P.F. Chang’s has literally become a household name. So when the purveyor of Chinese-American bistro-style cuisine opened their Waikiki location six years ago at Royal… More >

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