Cold Thrills

January 9, 2014 | By Rasa Fournier

Stay cool in the sunshine with these icy delights.

Winter in Hawai’i isn’t exactly for snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate next to a crackling fireplace. To get just a touch of that icy seasonal chill in our year-round forecast of warmth and sunshine, here are some of Waikiki’s cold-treat hot spots.


Once a mouthful of Aloha Harmony Tea House’s fresh fruity and nutty Il Gelato Hawaii flavors hit the palate, the rest of the world disappears. Made with a process that adds less air to the batch than ice cream, slurping up that creamy mound of melting goodness is a rich and sensual experience. Exotic offerings like Matcha Green Tea and Lilikoi are popular locally, but the toasted joy of Macadamia Nut dancing on the tongue is truly out of this world. Before you dive in, try the provided samples of cold and hot teas from this attractive tea house that boasts 100-plus varieties.

Aloha Harmony Tea House
2170 Kalia Road [D:6 Waikiki Map] (808) 924-5400 |

Specialty Ice Cream

For some throw-your-calorie-counter-out-the-window, no-holds-barred indulgence, Lappert’s offers a selection of decadent ice cream choices. Take the Ka’au Crater Hot Fudge Bomb, for instance, with its two scoops of ice cream layered with hot fudge, topped with macadamia nuts, whipping cream and a cherry, and accented with a chocolate dipped waffle chip and marshmallow dipped pretzel. The place carries an old-fashioned ice cream shoppe flair, and also offers smoothies, shakes, floats, coffee and baked goods.

Lappert’s Hawaii
2005 Kalia Road [D:4 Waikiki Map] (808) 943-0256 |

Frozen Yogurt

Self-service frozen yogurt shops seem to have cropped up everywhere lately as a healthy ice cream alternative, but none are as delightfully addictive as Yogurtland. Ask for a sample cup, so you can taste before buying and then be wowed at how Cinnamon Roll or Gingerbread tastes like the real deal— not just the spices, but it amazingly replicates the essence of its namesake. Fill the cup with one flavor, swirl flavors or take dollops of lots of different flavors, then head to the toppings bar where fresh strawberries, lychee, mango and other fruits await, along with chopped nuts, bite-sized candy bits and honey, chocolate and dulce de leche syrups. The symphony of combos is limitless.

2490 Kalakaua Ave. [C:10 Waikiki Map] (808) 922-2626 |

Bubble Drink

There are 30 reasons to visit oddly titled X-Way at the International Market Place Food Court. Let’s start with a list of a few of the Bubble Drink flavors: Mango, Lychee, Kiwi, Guava Strawberry and Mango Papaya. Or be daring and try Avocado, which it turns out is one of the most popular drinks on the menu. For something more dessert-y, try Chocolate, Mocha Coffee, Milk Tea or Thai Tea. The large tapioca pearls at the bottom, which make the drink such a sensation, offset the blended ice with a distinct, chewy texture.

International Market Place Food Court
2330 Kalakaua Ave. [B:8 Waikiki Map]


If the Death by Chocolate shake isn’t enough of a killer, with its combination of chocolate in powdered, melted and syrup forms, there’s plenty else to attract a chocolate-lover at Hawaiian Crown Plantation. The shake is a bit of a paradox in that it has a dark chocolate accent, yet it’s light and icy. Additional cold treats include Frozen Kona Mocha and Chocolate PB Banana shakes, as well as fruit smoothies blended with locally grown pineapple. In fact, the shop abounds with locally produced items including home-grown bars of pure Hawaiian chocolate and locally grown coffees.

Hawaiian Crown Plantation
159 Ka’iulani Ave. [B:9 Waikiki Map] (808) 779-7887 |

Shave Ice

If there were a state treat, it just might be shave ice. You haven’t really experienced Hawai’i if you haven’t tasted the rainbow stack of fine snow in all its refreshing flavors. Here are just a few of the ways legendary Waiola Shave Ice brings a smile to a long line of customers throughout the day: Bubble Gum, Cherry, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Grape, Green Tea, Guava, Lemon-Lime, Lilikoi, Lychee, Mango, Melona, Orange, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Raspberry, Root Beer, Sour Apple and Vanilla. These flavors and lots more can be combined in endless varieties and can be ordered with added goodies like ice cream, mochi balls or azuki beans, and a number of toppings like condensed milk, li hing mui powder, sprinkles and more. On a hot day, it’s worth waiting in line for.

Waiola Shave Ice
3113 Mokihana St. (808) 735-8886