Family Night

November 6, 2014 | By Chris Fleck

Have a fun and delicious family dining adventure together at these family-friendly dining spots across Waikiki.

A family vacation to Hawai‘i is a one-of-a-kind experience. Each of Hawai‘i’s special attractions is a platform for you and your children to bond through laughter, exploration, education and relaxation. The dining experience in Waikiki should enhance your family’s Hawai‘i story. Here are a few restaurants that fit perfectly for families with children, young or old.

SHOR American Seafood Grill


SHOR American Seafood Grill

Offering both breakfast and dinner, SHOR is a contemporary American seafood and steak grill that prides itself on fresh catch fish, flavorful cuts of meat and Hawai‘i’s tastiest produce.

SHOR takes a different and progressive approach when it comes to the typical kids menu. Understanding the importance of guiding kids to eating healthier snacks and meals, SHOR and Hyatt Regency hotels—along with partnerships with chef Haile Thomas and Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA)—have adapted their For Kids By Kids menu options.

Created, tested and approved by kids, the For Kids By Kids menu features meals such as gluten-free pancakes with fresh fruit sauces, organic turkey burgers and Create Your Own Pasta dishes. One of the favorites on the For Kids By Kids menu is their Shaken Chopped Salad, filled with roasted chicken, vegetables, nuts and brown rice. Served in its own fun-colored, secure-lock container, kids choose how much yogurt-based basil dressing they’d like and get to shake up their salad right at the table.

“With this program, we realized kids are very experimental and want to include healthy foods to eat. We have no soda, chicken nuggets, burgers or pizza on the menu,” executive chef Sven Ullrich says.

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa
2424 Kalakaua Ave. [C:9 Waikiki Map]
(808) 237-6145

Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar


Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar

Listed on the top 100 independent restaurants in the United States, Shore Bird has etched its popularity in Waikiki since 1979, a pretty rare trait in the restaurant business nowadays.

An interactive, fun, family-friendly environment, Shore Bird has a top-notch breakfast buffet, with anything you can imagine. For lunch they also have a buffet, as well as their lunch menu items. Along with the beachside view, one standout of Shore Bird is their Thrill of the Grill dinner experience, where you and your family are the chefs. A family-oriented dining experience, you and your family (or just dad) has access to Shore Bird’s 20-foot grill.

Assisted by Shore Bird’s professional chefs, they’ll help you choose the perfect meat cuts, and help in the grilling process. Their timing chart makes it all very simple.

“This is where you are the chef,” says David Nagaishi, general manager. “People come to Hawai‘i and want to have a Hawai‘i-style barbecue. We have the best choices of steaks, fish, chops, kabobs and seasonings. While you wait, feast on our salad bar foods, that has everything from signature salads, rice, chili, crackers and cheese, and local foods, too.”

On the simpler side, Shore Bird does offer a child’s menu with items such as Mac & Cheese, Menehune Burger, Fish & Chips or Chicken Strips & Chips.

Outrigger Reef on the Beach
2169 Kalia Road [D:7 Waikiki Map]
(808) 922-2887

Kenny’s Hawaiian Barbeque

Kenny's Hawaiian Barbeque. PHOTO: LAURENCE TABUDLO

Kenny’s Hawaiian Barbeque. PHOTO: LAURENCE TABUDLO

Every city has those few special restaurants: You know, the ones that have always been there … and for good reason. In Honolulu, Kenny’s is one of those spots. Stemming from the main location close to downtown Honolulu that has been open for 48 years, Kenny’s Express has many of the top menu options in a quick, convenient pick-up location at Royal Hawaiian Center.

Experiencing local food with your entire family in the heart of Waikiki at Royal Hawaiian Center couldn’t be any easier—traditional Hawaiian menu items include kalua pork, laulau and poi.

Also specializing in island favorites that have developed over the decades, some of Kenny’s top plates include their saimin noodle dishes, Korean style chicken, barbecued beef tri-tip and mahimahi filet. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can never go wrong with Kenny’s Loco Moco, served with two eggs, hamburger patty, white rice and gravy.

Kenny’s has a long tradition of serving local food favorites—now, your family can eat local style too!

Royal Hawaiian Center
2201 Kalakaua Ave. [C:8 Waikiki Map]
(808) 922-3333