Get Fresh

March 19, 2014 | By Sarah Pacheco

Fresco Italian Restaurant puts a fresh spin on traditional Italian cuisine, combining Mediterranean favorites with a tropical island flair.

The menu is a collaborative effort of award-winning Chef Kentaro Torii and Executive Chef Rodhel Ibay, who infuse the distinct flavors from the North, Central and South regions of Italy with those from Hawai’i to create dishes that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Photo: Courtesy Fresco Italian Restaurant

Photo: Courtesy Fresco Italian Restaurant

For example, Chef Ibay utilizes Kamuela tomatoes, black Hawaiian sea salt and a macadamia nut pesto in his signature Insalata Caprese, while unexpected additions such as pak choi in Spaghetti alla Bolognese or kukui nut potato puree in the Saltimbocca di Vitello add a happy surprise for diners to uncover.

A wine cellar with more than 100 popular selections—many of which are Italian labels—provides a perfect compliment to fresh seafood and steak entrees, and even tantalizing desserts, like the heavenly Tiramisu Hawaiano: layers of macadamia mascarpone cream, Kona coffee finger biscuit and a coffee caramel sauce.

The contemporary restaurant features wraparound windows, a VIP room, two additional semi-private spaces and an open-air patio that offers stunning views, day or night.

Indeed, a meal at Fresco is an experience not to be missed.

Fresco Italian Restaurant
Hilton Hawaiian Village
2005 Kalia Road [D:4 Waikiki Map]
(808) 941-8868