Tokyo with Aloha

March 19, 2014 | By Sarah Pacheco


Like a precious pearl nestled within an oyster, Jinroku Pacific is a treasure waiting to be discovered at the Pacific Monarch Hotel.

First opened in Tokyo in 1989, Jinroku is known for its deliciously authentic Japanese teppan that is only further complimented by the exceptional service of its staff.

Indeed, Jinroku emphasizes the overall dining experience, as evidenced by its talented chefs, who deftly create spectacular creations of okonomiyaki, negiyaki and freshly prepared noodles (both yakisoba and udon) right in front of their happy audience.

In 2008, Jinroku’s founders brought Jinroku Pacific to Waikiki, making it the only branch of the restaurant chain located outside of Japan.

Popular items and specialties include the folowing: Garlic Fried Rice; Steak & Lobster; Omu Soba/ Omu Udon, served omelet-style; Suji Kimchee Tama, made with beef tendon, kimchee and potato; Jinroku Special Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake-like creation filled with scallops, shrimp, squid, octopus, pork and beef; and Jinroku Takoyaki, delectable Japanese dumplings filled with octopus.

The menu is available in both English and Japanese, and the staff is bilingual.

With contemporary d├ęcor and open-air seating, along with a fully stocked bar, Jinroku truly is “Tokyo served with aloha.”

Jinroku Pacific
Pacific Monarch Hotel
2427 Kuhio Ave. [B:10 Waikiki Map]
(808) 926-8955