Island Gentleman

November 6, 2014 | By Waikiki Magazine Team
Photo: Courtesy Eugene Tanner

Photo: Courtesy Eugene Tanner

Every performance is ladies’ night at “Na Kane – The Men of Paradise”—where fun, fantasy and a fleet of 10 chiseled charmers wait. Each weekend, The Men of Paradise proudly showcase choreographed hip-hop, country and Polynesian dance routines in a Las Vegas-styled, provocative (yet tasteful) production.

“We wanted to create a classy, Hawaiian-themed fantasy show for women—a sexy, fun girls’ night out that was also couples-friendly,” says David Abrams, owner/executive producer, who partnered with Alan Van Zee, owner/president, to launch “Na Kane.”

“We brought over Chippendale’s Las Vegas choreographer, Shawn Dean, and producer, Missy Cochran, to achieve our vision,” Abrams continues.

The result? Talented tux, grass skirt and headdress-clad kane (men) who electrify audiences in steamy, 75-80 minute shows with a touch of class; a spirited, interactive dance party follows suit. Note that these suave studs are not just pretty faces. The Men of Paradise are also not strippers and strongly discourage tipping. Rather, the act is amplified by the cast’s camaraderie—all local performers with eclectic backgrounds and personalities—some, highly trained Polynesian dancers; others, models, war veterans and personal trainers.

“Na Kane – The Men of Paradise” performances are held weekends at The Pagoda. Drinks and appetizers are available before the 7 p.m. show. Guests must be at least 18 years of age. For more information, or to purchase “Na Kane” tickets, visit

“Na Kane – The Men of Paradise”
The Pagoda,
International Ballroom
1574 Kanunu St.
(808) 550-4444