Oddballs Of The Ocean

November 6, 2014 | By Waikiki Magazine Team


Waikiki Aquarium’s newest exhibit, “Amazing Adaptations,” collects together an odd bunch of underwater creatures. The seahorses, pipefishes and weedy and leafy seadragons on display are members of an unusual fish family known as Syngnathidae. Some of the uncommon traits seen in this fish family include male fishes carrying the eggs and females showing no sign of parental care. Elongated bodies, fused jaws and tubular snouts are signature physical characteristics of these sea creatures. And, one trait that is totally fascinating is their need to eat almost continuously due to their lack of a stomach. Feeding time, all the time!

The gallery wall expands over 60 feet and displays rare species ranging from Hawaiian pipefishes and seahorses to Australian seadragons. If you’ve ever wanted to get close to these unique and peculiar types of fishes, as well as learn more about them and how they live in the ocean, this is your chance.

“Amazing Adaptations” Exhibit
Waikiki Aquarium 2777 Kalakaua Ave.
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