Beach Life

May 1, 2014 | By Ellise Kakazu

Beach-Boys-Boutique-(3)-Have you been dreaming of the day you get to ride the waves of Waikiki? Now that you are in Hawai’i, it is time to make your dreams come to life! Maybe it’s surf lessons, canoe rides or even paddle lessons-once you decide on what adventure you want to take, check out Waikiki Beach Boy at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to get a few things before heading into the waters of our beautiful island. Waikiki Beach Boy features bathing suits and swim attire for the entire family. For the ladies who want to add a little island beauty to their ensembles, Kahulale’a is one of the local brands featured in this boutique. This local designer puts a unique twist on the everyday clutch by adding vibrant, Hawaiian-style prints that reflect the culture of the islands.

Waikiki Beach Boy
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
2259 Kalakaua Ave.
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