Shoes That Make You Smile

March 18, 2014 | By Waikiki Magazine Team

It’s only fitting that a shoe company founded by a surfer is located right across the street from the world’s most iconic surf spot, Waikiki Beach. This location is Sanuk‘s third store, with two other locations in California.

Sanuk took its name from the Thai word for “fun,” and once you step into the store, you’ll see and feel what the brand is all about—think playful, laid-back, colorful and comfortable.



Some of the most popular styles include The Sidewalk Surfer (also called “Not-A-Shoe,” it’s a combination of a sandal bottom and a shoe upper that allows feet to move and bend more naturally) and The Yoga Mat (a sandal that is made with an actual yoga mat, making it the softest and most relaxing sandal ever!). The best part is that there are so many color and pattern options— you’ll find a shoe to fit every mood or personality. And it doesn’t stop there—there are also styles for colder climates and fun clothing and accessories as well. Another plus, Sanuk also has vegan shoes that contain no animal by-products.

From humble surf beginnings, Sanuk continues to innovate, design and create sandals and shoes to make us smile!

2424 Kalakaua Ave. Suite 133 [C:9 Waikiki Map]