Tastes Of The Rising Sun

January 15, 2015 | By Waikiki Magazine Team


Step into Restaurant Suntory and your senses transport you to a sleek restaurant in Japan, No matter what type of dish you choose from the menu, teppanyaki, shabu shabu, sushi or washoku.

Each dish, no matter the style, is prepared with the finest ingredients by Restauarant Suntory’s skilled chefs, and presented with an elegant precision that makes each one look like a work of art. The only thing better than gazing at your food is eating it!

Stop in for a washoku lunch of sushi, donburi or a noodle dish such as tempura zaru (cold soba or udon noodles served with tempura). Or, sit at the teppan grill and dine on a teppanyaki set.

Come dinner time, treat yourself to a grand washoku dinner made up of a myriad of small, intricately prepared dishes that will, despite their small size, fill you up. The teppanyaki offerings at night include the Gourmet Suntory Course that serves up sashimi, Big Island Abalone, half a Maine Lobster, certified Angus beef and more.

Find Japanese cuisine that’s as beautiful as it is delicious at Restaurant Suntory.

Restaurant Suntory
Royal Hawaiian Center
[C:8 Waikiki Map]
(808) 922-5511