Fire in the Sky

I’m the type of girl who wants to live life with fireworks and my own soundtrack to life. Unfortunately unless you have $10,000 dollars to blow (literally), fireworks are a rare occasion. Except in Waikiki, of course. Who says you… More >

Music at the Park

Waikiki Scoop: Neighborhood news and hot picks When I think of Hawai‘i, an image of the sunset and a vast sandy beach pops into mind. In the background of that thought is the strumming of an ‘ukulele playing “Somewhere Over… More >

The Waikiki Insider

Traveling with kids in Waikiki? Learn about family-friendly activities and get some tips from a local mom. Sometimes traveling with kids can be daunting. The long waits for transportation, endless packing, lost stuffed animals and of course the unforeseen potty… More >

The Waikiki Insider

Visitor tips from someone in the know! Born and raised in Honolulu, I grew up in Waikiki. From long-board and tandem surfing at Queen’s break as a keiki (child) to dining at oceanfront restaurants as an adult, there is so… More >

Chinese, If You Please

P.F. Chang’s Stirs Up Tantalizing, Family-Style Fare With more than 150 restaurants around the world, P.F. Chang’s has literally become a household name. So when the purveyor of Chinese-American bistro-style cuisine opened its Waikiki location, it was destined for success…. More >

Oodles of Noodles

Japan’s favorite dish has found a home in the Islands. We all did the instant ramen “diet” in college to save money and timeā€”but the art of real, exquisite ramen, which hails from Japan, is proliferating here in Waikiki. These… More >

In The Mix

From tropical and fruity to rich and decadent, Waikiki has a selection of cocktail concoctions that will tantalize your taste buds in venues that boast views of the sunset, ocean or offer an intimate ambiance. Purple Pleasure Doraku Sushi 2233… More >

Island Knick Knacks

Want to re-create that beach bungalow feeling in your abode? From vintage wall hangings to tropical serving dishes, transporting the quintessential Hawaiian style home with you is easy, with a little help from our experts. Photos: Lacy Matsumoto