Main Squeeze

Nestled along Monsarrat Avenue, you’ll find a unique juice bar called Juice Box. Its simple, no-frills decor lets you focus on what’s important: healthy juices and smoothies prepared fresh with locally sourced fruits and vegetables and no added sugars. With… More >

In The Mix

Happy Valley Pasta & Pizza restaurant serves a unique blend of Italian dishes with a Japanese twist. Located along Monsarrat Avenue, Happy Valley attracts a mix of tourists and curious locals eager to explore what dishes like Karaage Chicken and… More >

The Legacy of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

The timeless beauty of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is enhanced by a rich tradition that connects the wearer to Queen Lili‘uokalani, the Hawaiian monarchy and its close ties with England. In 1862, news of the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s… More >

Passage to India

Looking for an Indian restaurant in an intimate atmosphere? Then head over to Little India located at the ground floor of the Waikiki Landmark across from the Hawai‘i Convention Center. Little India serves North Indian cuisine such as chicken tikka… More >

Dinner, Sunset and a Movie

Sunset on the Beach has been a Waikiki staple since 2001, when former Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris instituted this weekend event to boost the local economy and increase community activities. Today, this event remains a popular weekend attraction in Waikiki…. More >

Fashion That Defines the Islands

One of the most visible symbols of Hawai‘i’s aloha spirit can be seen in contemporary Hawaiian fashion known as aloha wear. Its roots can be traced back to 1820, when New England missionaries arrived in Hawai‘i. Missionary women adapted the… More >

Beachfront Breakfasts & More

When considering dining options that offer a great outdoor ambiance by the beach as well as topnotch flavors, the Hau Tree Lanai definitely comes to mind. Located at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel by Sans Souci beach in Waikiki,… More >

Day at the Museum

Along the bustling streets of Kalakaua and ‘Ohua Avenues is a little-known museum that houses an important piece of Hawai‘i’s spiritual history. An unassuming flight of stairs fronting St. Augustine-by-the-Sea Church leads to the second floor where the Damien and… More >

Surf’s Up!

Waikiki’s relationship with surfing goes beyond its sandy beaches and fantastic surfing spots. This neighborhood also houses a unique museum that highlights the impact surfing has on Hawai‘i and the rest of the world. Step into the Honolulu Surfing Museum… More >

An Unlikely Ambassador

Among the 500 marine species that call the Waikiki Aquarium home, Hawaiian monk seal Ho‘ailona, also known as KP2, is by far one of the more popular. A recent book published about KP2 (Kauai Pup 2). The Odyssey of KP2… More >

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