Kaimuki Neighborhoods

It is only fitting that the neighborhood sprouting from King Kalakaua’s former farmland would harbor some of Honolulu’s most celebrated restaurants and shops. No longer the frolicking grounds of the king’s ostriches, modern day Kaimuki is a thriving, urbanized residential… More >

Island Outfitters

Urban Outfitters brings metro panache to Honolulu. Thumbs up this News Feed update, Waikiki fans: Urban Outfitters has officially arrived! Unabashedly trendy, quirky and a little naughty, the eclectic, Philly-based label transplanted to the Pacific with the grand opening of… More >

Au Naturel

Korean skincare authority Nature Republic radiates green energy through cosmetics curated from savannah to sea. The Waikiki branch, its first U.S. flagship, houses an impressive stock of nature-derived beauty products surrounded by a blooming Garden Wall of live plants. The… More >

Pressure Point

Traditional deep tissue to bare feet, these healing remedies get low. Aches and pains from long plane rides strain holiday leisure. No modern phenomenon, Hawai‘i’s spa retreats— synonymous with Hawaiian grace and hospitality—have long soothed weary travelers. For those unwary… More >


As summer fades, recharge for the autumnal equinox with Waikiki’s leading remedies. Hawai‘i’s natural beauty and bounty of exotic flora and fauna make the islands a sanctuary of healing and tranquility. So take time to break from bustling Kalakaua to… More >

Linked In

From Tahitian black pearls to freshwater offerings, these treasures add an air of sophistication to any ensemble.


Whether a visitor or a kama‘aina (local), a souvenir from one of Waikiki’s tattoo parlors leaves a lasting impression. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the earliest evidence of human tattoos dates back to ancient Egypt, 2000 B.C. Simple or extravagant, declarations… More >

Shop the Look: Men’s

By Catherine Caldwell & Seychelle Moore Waikiki is an eclectic, international gathering place that unifies travelers from across the globe. So, don’t hesitate to dress to impress. Whether strolling down Kalakaua Avenue or kicking back for scotch at sundown, this… More >

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

By Catherine Caldwell & Seychelle Moore Show off your summer glow with these must-have tank tops.

Around The World

Settle in for cozy Thai cuisine served “Keo’s style” at Keoni by Keo’s. Keoni specializes in casual with a touch of elegance. Sophisticated aloha flourishes through its vast tropical painting collection, fresh orchid d├ęcor, indoor/ outdoor corner seating—ideal for people-watching—and… More >

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