Family Night

Have a fun and delicious family dining adventure together at these family-friendly dining spots across Waikiki. A family vacation to Hawai‘i is a one-of-a-kind experience. Each of Hawai‘i’s special attractions is a platform for you and your children to bond… More >

Taco Time

These island-style takes on this Mexican favorite take tacos to a whole new level— ¡olé! If a group of people were asked what their favorite foods are, chances are Mexican would pop up on many of those lists. The ingredients… More >

Pizza Party!

There is no denying the satisfaction you get from a good slice of pizza— try these pies when hunger gets the best of you. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, it literally makes your mouth water. Its melted, cheesy-gooey,… More >

Farm Fresh

For an authentic local dining experience, try these dishes that use ingredients from farms right here in Hawai‘i. Farm-to-table shouldn’t be a buzzword, nor should it be a trend. Eating fresh, local foods and ingredients is how families and communities… More >

View for a Thrill

Want to set the mood with a stunning view of Waikiki Beach? Check out these restaurants with views that will take your breath away. Many culinary masters have expressed that we eat with our eyes before anything else. The presentation,… More >

For the Love of Poke

Get a taste of real Hawaiian cuisine with these variations of poke—from traditional to modern-style. New York and Boston have chowder. In Louisiana it’s got to be gumbo. Texas of course has their barbecue. In Hawai’i we have poke. Considered… More >

Kuhio Eats

Food finds from the other side of Waikiki. Named after Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole—a prince under the reign of King Kalakaua and figurehead in the Territory of Hawai’i—Kuhio Avenue can sometimes be viewed as the little brother of Waikiki avenues. Sitting… More >

Burger Bonanza

Satisfy your burger craving right now— here are the answers to “Where’s the beef?” Sure we get it, Waikiki is an island paradise with seafood options galore. But, when the juicy, beefy calling of a hearty burger comes rumbling, Waikiki… More >

Bar Bites With a View

Enjoy Hawai’i Regional Cuisine in an indoor-outdoor setting with an ocean backdrop. The surf is up, the sun is shining and another pristine Hawaiian day is prime for the taking. With all the fun and relaxation a day at the… More >

For the Love of Crab

If taste is heightened through time, then crab has certainly paid its dues and is worth every palate-pleasing penny. One of the oldest species of animals on earth, dating back over 200 million years, crab, those eight-legged delectable shellfish of… More >

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