Veggie Quest

For the healthy eater, find vegetarian and vegan dining options across Waikiki. A lifetime vegetarian and recent semi-vegan convert, I’m always on the hunt for clean, organic, local cuisine that bypasses animal products. In tow with the ever-growing population that’s… More >

Chocolate Dreams

From the cacao tree comes chocolate—and in every form found in Waikiki, it’s delicious, delightful and just plain heavenly. It’s gooey, it’s melty, it’s powdery, moist, crunchy, rich, dark and milky, velvety brown and ivory white. If ever there were… More >

Cold Thrills

Stay cool in the sunshine with these icy delights. Winter in Hawai’i isn’t exactly for snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate next to a crackling fireplace. To get just a touch of that icy seasonal chill in our… More >

Sips & Treats!

Start off the day right—and ready for adventure— with a morning drink and delicious goodies. All cups of coffee are not created equal. They may equally hit the proverbial spot, but ah, the endless variety of choices: be it hot,… More >

Stayin’ Cool and Healthy

From fresh-squeezed juices to acai bowls, get the inside scoop on where to get healthy and delicious treats. Fresh local produce and exotic Polynesian ingredients come together for refreshing, wholesome offerings available throughout Waikiki. Locals knowledgeable about healthy fare are… More >

Sweet Things

These signature desserts are the grand finales to a perfect meal. We all know the feeling … You’ve enjoyed a perfect meal, but something is missing. There’s a lingering need for the punchline, the exclamation point, the cherry to top… More >

Sugar Rush!

Indulge in decadent desserts, creamy concoctions and more. The call of your sweet tooth starts off innocently enough. At first it’s just a passing thought, a yummy idea, but then it builds. Before you know it, there’s nothing short of… More >

Vegging Out

Meat-free meals abound in Waikiki. Nothing says family, fun and friends like enjoying great food together. If you’re a vegetarian or trying to explore healthier food options, that can sometimes put a snag in the group’s party plans—unless you’re privy… More >