Blue Crush

November 6, 2014

Q & A with professional surfer Carissa Moore O‘ahu native Carissa Moore, 22, is no stranger to Waikiki’s surf breaks. The recipient of 11 National Scholastic Surfing Association titles by the time she graduated high school, Moore swept the Association… More >

Beatles Mania in Paradise: Q&A with Fourever Fab

September 4, 2014

Fourever Fab was born to perform. Andrew Hill (Paul McCartney), originally from Australia, has been in the business for 25 years and has traveled all over America, Canada and Asia performing as The Beatles. Alastar McNeil (George Harrison), born and… More >


September 4, 2014

As summer fades, recharge for the autumnal equinox with Waikiki’s leading remedies. Hawai‘i’s natural beauty and bounty of exotic flora and fauna make the islands a sanctuary of healing and tranquility. So take time to break from bustling Kalakaua to… More >

In the Know

September 4, 2014

Get the inside track on what to see and do straight from the experts—the concierges working in Waikiki. Wendy Wong Concierge Halekulani Years working in Waikiki: 32 years in Waikiki, 28 years at Halekulani Three words that describe Waikiki: Energetic,… More >

Centuries of Song

September 4, 2014

Explore Hawai‘i’s rich musical legacy with the Royal Hawaiian Band—the only band in the United States with a royal legacy. If you thought the Rolling Stones have been around a long time— think again. The Royal Hawaiian Band, a 40-member… More >

Off the Beaten Path: Love Thy Neighbor

September 4, 2014

The Waikiki Community Center brings residents and tourists together to volunteer and provide services for the community. Since the height of Hawai‘i’s plantation days when workers from all over the world pooled their talents to bring sugar and pineapple from… More >

Top Model: Q&A with Jessica Michibata

September 4, 2014

Japanese model, TV host, actress and brand ambassador Jessica Michibata is no stranger to Hawai‘i. She frequently vacations in the islands and in 2013 she was a special guest for the grand re-opening of T Galleria Hawaii by DFS in… More >

Picture Perfect

July 1, 2014

A fabled hula show in Waikiki had its beginnings at the same time as the introduction of color film—the idea for travelers to take amateur color photos of a vibrant, authentic Hawaiian experience was born. The vibrant and bountiful colors,… More >

Feet First

July 1, 2014

Go head over heels for these relaxing spa treatments. People don’t travel thousands of miles to Hawai‘i to spend their leisure time surrounded by four walls. Released from the artificial environments of our workday, many long for fresh air, hiking… More >

Off the Beaten Path: Full Circle

July 1, 2014

During the “Boat Days” when visitors and locals used to travel in and out of Hawai‘i by steamship, they would throw their flower lei into the sea as the ship passed Diamond Head. If the lei returned to the islands,… More >

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