Beach Life

Have you been dreaming of the day you get to ride the waves of Waikiki? Now that you are in Hawai’i, it is time to make your dreams come to life! Maybe it’s surf lessons, canoe rides or even paddle… More >

Sweet Finds

If you’re looking for a kawaii (cute) boutique that offers something for everyone, look no further-Pineapple County is the perfect spot for you! “[Pineapple County] underwent a big makeover last year and is now offering more casual, beach-oriented styles that… More >

Perfect Picnic

“Life’s a picnic.” That’s the motto at Tucker & Bevvy, a newly opened grab-and-go eatery right near the Honolulu Zoo and the Kapahulu Groin. All of the menu items are inspired by foods that can be brought to a picnic… More >

Monkey Business

Don’t let the name Gorilla in the Cafe scare you, this place is great if you’re on the go or want to chat with a friend over a cuppa joe. The menu offers a variety of coffee and espresso drinks,… More >

So Special!

specialme is the perfect place for beach and surf enthusiasts who love shopping or for those who want a souvenir from vacationing in Waikiki. The decor reflects beach living and a casual surf lifestyle that perfectly complements the merchandise. There… More >

Ocean Fairytale

Hawaii Kawaii is a unique boutique that offers a wide variety of hand-picked clothing and curated accessories for women of all ages. Founded by two local sisters, Jessica and Amber Cook, who were both born and raised in North Shore,… More >