Rock-A-Hula! rolls out an electrifying tribute to music legends with a local twist. What do you get when you take the King of Rock, the King of Pop and the Mother Monster, mix in a cast of powerful Polynesian performers… More >

Tonkatsu Times Two

Ever since Kimukatsu opened its Waikiki location in March 2012, the debate between whose tonkatsu— the newcomer’s, or perennial favorite, Ginza Bairin—reigns supreme has been constant food for fodder to fans of the Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet. We’d like to… More >

Chasing Rainbows

Rainbows are a near-daily sighting in Hawai‘i, and at Rainbow Drive-In, you’re guaranteed to find a treasure waiting for you. Just remember the phrase “ROY G BIV,” and keep an eye peeled for the multi-colored panels on the building at… More >

Eat Local

The name might sound a little strange, but there’s nothing but good things being cooked up at Goofy Cafe & Dine. New to the Waikiki dine scene (the surfer-style cafĂ© opened in late 2013 in the second floor space at… More >

Tokyo with Aloha

Like a precious pearl nestled within an oyster, Jinroku Pacific is a treasure waiting to be discovered at the Pacific Monarch Hotel. First opened in Tokyo in 1989, Jinroku is known for its deliciously authentic Japanese teppan that is only… More >

Taste the World

Hawai’i is a melting pot of cuisines brought from cultures and peoples the world over, and nowhere is this international fusion of tastes better on display than at Wai’olu Ocean View Lounge in the luxury Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach… More >

Get Fresh

Fresco Italian Restaurant puts a fresh spin on traditional Italian cuisine, combining Mediterranean favorites with a tropical island flair. The menu is a collaborative effort of award-winning Chef Kentaro Torii and Executive Chef Rodhel Ibay, who infuse the distinct flavors… More >

Beyond the Everyday

One of Waikiki’s newest places to stay is a modern boutique hotel experience, providing personal service and ample amenities. Warm service coupled with a sophisticated coast-casual design is the hallmark of Waikiki’s newest property, Vive Hotel Waikiki. The lifestyle boutique… More >

Jingle Boats

Here comes Santa in a red canoe, Paddling on a magic sea of blue, With a stocking full of joy for every girl and boy, Here comes Santa in a red canoe! Just as children in the song “Here Comes… More >

The Cowboy Way

Gather ’round, lil’ doggies, and listen to a tale of a time way back, back when paniolo roamed the Hawaiian landscape. But first, to understand the true impact the Hawaiian cowboy made when he first rode into town, we have… More >

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